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Afrcan dating

"William" is probably not even based in a Western country and is yet another Nigerian scammer trying to dupe innocent people off their money.

Over the past few years, more and more Africans are turning to their mobile phones for services.If you factor in how much Mac lipstick costs, not to mention nice shoes, tasteful accessories and Uber, then technically the lady is out of pocket before the first morsel arrives. Debate your cheap friends about this because I am not entertaining this nonsense. How do we know they have teeth if they don't show them?Firstly, the real danger South African women face every day from men means going to a stranger's house to meet is a terrible idea. Picture a few months down the line, when you want to attend the art show everyone is buzzing about and your significant other prefers to stay on the couch and binge watch series instead ... Who told them that mugshot-looking pictures are appealing? You know that moment in horror movies when the beautiful but oblivious star is warned about the danger they are gaily skipping towards? But in my circle of friends I have become the go-to person to ask about which sites are better and to decode the confusing lingo.I can also be relied on for a hair-raising story or two.

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And why was it better to date a white person rather than another African?