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An elementary understanding of the law of supply and demand tells you there simply aren’t enough black men for every woman, good or bad.

And, the handful of “good” brothers don’t exclusively date black.

You see the fit and tone Paige in my social media posts.

However it took me years of educating and devoting myself to fitness to get where I am today.

Of course a history of slavery, rape and abuse are reasons for a subconscious sour taste but, in 2011, the landscape is much different.

Much like black men looked past the lynching, disfigurement and deaths of young boys like Emmett Till for flirting with white women, many black women have found the capacity to look beyond past (and some present) ignorance.

I've helped thousands of people just like you accomplish their fitness goals, I can help you too.

You know when you’ve got a hangover, and you’re full of excess emotions so you need to put some really sad music on and have a good cry? The mega star has poured his heartbreak into a shiny award winning album, and we’re nosy celeb-lovers who want to know everything we could possibly know about it all - who are the people behind the songs? And is it okay to pretend you’re feeling heartbroken so you can act out his emotional turmoil?

Well we reckon that’s exactly why God decided to present us with Adele’s male counterpart, the super-talented and beautifully sad singing soul we know as Sam Smith.

There is nothing taboo about dating anyone of any race.

All that matters is that he is a man of strong character who you can see yourself boning.

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He is very famous for his contribution to R&B music industry. Looking at Al B’s relationship history, we can say that he is not gay as he is not even single at present to even have a space for such rumors.

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