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Not only does it give the user the four essential freedoms, its architecture is built in such a way that you have the power to mold it, change it and make it comply to your computering needs.

Emacs is a very powerful text processor, giving you the power to manipulate documents quickly and efficiently.

You can easily move through and edit paragraphs, sentences, words, and logical blocks; blaze through text using powerful search tools; and easily edit thousands of lines at once using regular expressions, keyboard macros and more.

Emacs can be customized in every conceivable way, including its looks.

GNU Emacs is Free Software, both free as in free beer and free as in free speech.

The original Emacs was written by — Richard Stallman.

Fortunately, Wikipedia’s extensive, and even scholarly, coverage of the subject deftly fills this gap.When Fifty Shades Darker was released in cinemas last week, it received a resounding mauling from critics – with our official review slamming it as ‘1 hour and 55 minutes of utter tedium.’ But now, fans of the hugely popular series can get a more authentic experience online– after a Christian Grey chatbot debuted on Facebook.All you have to do is type an initial message, and it isn’t long before Mr Grey decides that he will see you now.I found its capsule summaries commendably accurate (not to mention it includes a bountiful array of images that most men would find arousing—Cowboy cheerleaders, anyone? In any case, rather than weighing down this piece with notes for each post, article, or book Wikipedia references, I’ll simply allow the reader who’d like to delve deeper into this topic to consult this voluminous compilation directly.Readers can assume that unless I’m citing a source Wikipedia, the material here has been adapted from that vast “almanac” of facts.

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Hostess clubs are back, with their charming hostesses, but now the mechanics have been changed to a card-based minigame using 83 different cards.

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